RV Sheets

So you finally took the plunge, got that RV and now you're ready to take that trip down Route 66 with your wife and see the country. Good for you. You're never too young or too old to see the rest of your home country. But, before you take off, you'll probably want to make sure that you can actually be comfortable calling this motorhome home for the next month or so, starting with the RV sheets.

When you bought the RV, especially if you bought it new, you probably looked at the bed and said to yourself "Yikes!" The sheets that come standard in these things are always serviceable, and never comfortable. They're usually made up of a composite fabric that feels almost like you may as well be sleeping on sheets of plastic.

The guys who make cars, they're experts on making cars, not on making bedsheets, so they just get whatever cheap sheets they can throw on the bed in the RV. Before you hit the road, take a few moments to actually shop for some good sheets to sleep on. You don't need a crummy living experience while living on the road.

RV beds are usually built to their own specifications. They're not king size or queen size or twin beds, they're... RV beds. So you might have a difficult time finding just the right sheets you're looking for at the local department store. However, you can get some great rv sheets online. Silk, nylon, cotton, any fabric you want, you can find it online for your RV. Any pattern, any style, any size, you can find one to fit.

From there, you probably want to look into new wood paneling or wall paper... Unless that weird, green and white flower pattern is, in fact, right up your alley.